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“I like to echo the words of  the late Mak Yong prima donna, Mak Su: “It’s my  Darah Daging, my flesh and blood” she said.

And indeed theatre is under my skin too. I cannot do without it. Every minute of the day I see something that can be turned into theatre. Whether it is a leaf flickering in the sun or anything else.  I look at everyday things and work to make them meaningful through theatre.”


About Sabera Shaik

Sabera set up her company in 2003, armed with a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts, she had already clocked in 35 years of theatre experience in various capacities with various theatre companies in Kuala Lumpur.
In 2011 Shaik directed the first shadow theatre in the country, WAYANG to critical acclaim. It was so popular that she went to Bamburg to attend a workshop on "Shadow and Light" to learn more with shadow master Norbert Gotz.
In November 2011 Shaik performed 7 shows of her critically acclaimed solo performance LADY SWETTENHAM directed by Tage Larsen in New Delhi and at the NCPA Theatre Festival in Mumbai to a standing ovation.

In 2012 she directed and produced another piece of shadow theatre called THE STORY OF KUALA LUMPUR.
Frequent visits to Europe, America, India and Australia have enabled Shaik to have a rare overview of international theatre activities for creative work, acting, design, lighting, costumes and general mis-en-scene.
Enriched with a myriad experiences, it became time for her to do the things she always wanted to do.

“I wanted to see more localized content, take something from the west and put in local context. This is what I have been doing, thus far,” explained Shaik.

In 2019 she directed the sellout Wayang: Mak Yong Stories which introduced the public to an exciting way of enjoying shadow theatre through the use of actors performing as the “puppets” side by side shadow puppets; choreography, live traditional and contemporary music.

These days Shaik is content with filling Studio Ramli Hassan with programmes of interest to her and her audiences.


We are Masakini Theatre Company, with our own training space called Studio Ramli Hassan.
​This is where we brew a mixture of drama and shadow theatre , conduct workshops and train young actors, entertain kids with stories from the Sang Kancil series and the “why we” series via shadow puppetry.
Here’s what we do:

  • We direct and produce theatre productions.
  • We produced variety of shows.
  • We train actors and conduct workshops – young inexperienced and those who wish to upgrade their skills. ACT ONE: Acting workshops for beginners aged 12-45 Acting for the Young At Heart: Learn to write your own stories and act them out - for over 50 years old only!
  • Shadow Theatre for adults – the first and only theatre company in the country to produce shadow theatre works: WAYANG – 2010 WAYANG- The Story of Kuala Lumpur WAYANG- Malaysian Stories WAYANG – Malaysia Kita
  • Shadow theatre for children – we have several under our belt: The ugly Duckling Sang Kancil stories Nian and why we celebrate Chinese New Year Why we celebrate Christmas Why we celebrate Easter Ramadhan Fun with Shadows – a fun week end of playing with shadows and learning the rudiments of light and shadow for children.
  • Corporate Shows – We also produce shows for corporate companies - great entertainment for annual and award dinners.
  • The Studio

    Situated at Tepian Tunku, Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur, Studio Ramli Hassan is surrounded by greenery and is equipped with a sprung floor, large mirrors, 6.5 metres high ceiling, music system and basic lights. We are open for collaboration and if you wish to use our space, feel free to contact us

    Let’s collaborate.
    Studio Ramli Hassan
    "Where like minds convene to create magic"